Work with me

Work with me


I founded my first company at age 15, a transparent web hosting company. With high demand in the first year, and the help of an investor, the hosting company grew to provide cloud services, the new buzz of the hosting industry. My interest in writing automation software had my company running itself, basically, everything from billing, accounting and deployment.

As I got more time on my hands, friends and relatives started referring IT projects to me. A little web development here and there quickly turned from a hobbyist side-project, to become a business of its own. First hiring two old class mates, then four new faces, I was suddenly the head of a web development agency.

Now, many years later, I have sold my hosting business and decided to go solo. Managing human resources turned out to be less exciting than pure development, and very restrictive in terms of my own flexibility. By working alone I have the ability to be agile, travel the world and work on the projects I love.


I like to work on meaningful, medium-sized projects, with complex architecture and challenging problems.

My skills

Most of my professional career has to do with developing for the web, but I have played around with everything from BASIC programming of micro-chips, soldering and wiring analog circuits, managing Windows and Linux servers and even developing cross-platform videogames from scratch. Recently I have been mostly interested in progressive web apps and mobile apps.

Below are the skills I utilize the most, but I also love to play around in C/C++, Go and frequently try out new platforms, frameworks and programming languages.

Web development

Specialities: Laravel/Lumen, Angular and Vue (PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript).

Interests: Ruby, Node.js, HTML/CSS.

Mobile development

Specialities: Ionic Framework.

Interests: React, Android native, iOS native.

System administration

Specialities: Linux, MySQL, automation.

Terms and conditions

You will receive a tax invoice from my company.
Clients from Denmark are subject to 25% VAT.

Payment can be made in USD, EUR and DKK.
Individual agreements on other currencies can be made. Bitcoin, anyone?

We will make a simple contract in the beginning of our working relationship, and depending on the project there will be some kind of deposit and/or milestone payments.