My day in Singapore

My day in Singapore

Several people told me that a few days in Singapore would be enough. I decided to take it to the next level, and spend less than 24 hours in the city. The best flights to Bali would be either the day after arriving in Singapore, or half a week later. By flying the almost 13 hours to Singapore on business class, I was able to arrive well rested and ready to explore the city from about 18:00 until bed time. The next morning there wouldn’t be much time, as my flight was leaving just past noon.

These photos are all from the Garden by the Bay, where I was lucky enough to catch the evening Rhapsody light show and then eat some ayam goreng (grilled chicken) and Indian masala.

From the little time I spent in Singapore, I find it to be a very innovative country and a place for everyone regardless of religion and ethnicity. English is the primary language, which is odd but very convenient. Food is cheap, taxis are cheap and the standard is very high. But the place is pretty crowded, and getting a taxi at peak hours can take a long time, and impose a more than 2x surge/peak charge. The high population, unfortunately, also makes accommodation quite expensive.

I would definitely consider living in Singapore at some point in time, as it appears to be a great business hub and well connected to the rest of Asia.

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